the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder

--- The HUB Collective ---

Three friends - Alex, Charlotte, and Conner - start a podcast to cover their favorite stories involving true crime, survivorship, and heroism. The dive into these all-too-relevant cases brings to light their past trauma and the injustices they have faced and they discover first-hand what it means to be a hero. For the past year, over 20+ artists have been hard at work creating a musical audio drama entitled the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder. As a writing team, a group of artists collectively brought their favorite true crime cases to the table. With a lead writer for each episode, the team wrote a 6-episode series surrounding a group of friends and their quest to start their own podcast to tell these stories intentionally.

Brought to you by The HUB Collective of the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder

Latest Episodes…

  1. Baby Jessica

    Baby Jessica - EP 1 Conner, Charlotte and Alex have been running their true crime podcast Prime Time Crime Time since the pandemic started. They have not been very successful in securing a fan base thus far, unfortunately, so Conner offers a switch-up of sorts where they cover the rescue of ...


  2. Trailer EP1 Baby Jessica

    GET READY!!! We are SO excited to finally share the teaser trailer for our first audio drama series, the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder! Turn up your volume and scoot towards the edge of your seat. You're not going to want to miss this one. ...