Baby Jessica

Episode 1 August 04, 2021 00:55:15
Baby Jessica
the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder
Baby Jessica

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Baby Jessica - EP 1

Conner, Charlotte and Alex have been running their true crime podcast Prime Time Crime Time since the pandemic started. They have not been very successful in securing a fan base thus far, unfortunately, so Conner offers a switch-up of sorts where they cover the rescue of Jessica McClure, the baby who fell in a well and subsequently caused the first endless news cycle in 1987. The tragic ending to the hero of this story causes our hosts to connect in ways they did not expect, and sets them up for a renewed approach in how they explore each case moving forward.


the [musical] Memoirs of a Murder is a multi-episodic, musical look in to three friends who run a true crime podcast. As they explore these all-too-relevant cases, they are forced to reconcile with some past trauma and their popularity skyrockets. They learn first-hand what it means to be a hero, and unfortunately, the lesson that you cannot save everyone.


the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder - CREW





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the (musical) Memoirs of a Murder - CREW




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